The German Embassy at the United Nations is located on New York’s East River, opposite the UN building, and the conference rooms in the 23. Floor, the very top of the house, the views of the river and on the high house hanging in Manhattan. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called in the evening, diplomats welcome, on the occasion of the invitation of the beginning of the German membership in the UN security Council. For two years, the Federal Republic of Germany now sits as one of the ten non-permanent members in the round of Fifteen. Maas has been in the past year, on several occasions in New York, to advertise in other States for the election of Germany in the security Council, he is now represented for the first time, the Federal Republic of Germany in this role. Maas says the guests at each of his visits at the headquarters of the UN, he would feel “a bit more at home”.

It is a deceptive familiarity. The German diplomats and many friendly Nations, prepared for the UN thoroughly on the new role, have planned selected topics, papers, designed, and conferences. Germany, as it has announced Maas last year, in his first speech before the UN, wanted to the fight against climate change and the fact that the Uninhabitability of some parts of the earth is a big security threat. Also the suffering and the lack of rights of women in situations of armed conflict should be more attention – the topic is the subject of the first meeting of the foreign Ministers on Thursday, in the framework of the security Council; women from Iraq, Lebanon, and Tunisia are asked to make contributions and to describe examples of The Indonesian foreign Minister has come especially to give the matter importance.

Thus, debates and performances that draw the image, that the Berlin policy and the social-democratic was in charge of foreign policy – want to show of. It should be “for us a Routine to take account of the connection between climate and security in all conflict situations,” says Maas, in his first speech in the chamber of the security Council. The Knowledge of climate change needed to be implemented “even more determined in operational policy”. The German foreign Minister recalled that the German government have in common with the Pacific state of Nauru last year established a “friends group” of States on the topic of “climate and security”, and he announces that it will give this summer a “high-level conference” in Berlin. Climate change is “real,” says Maas – this message has an addressee in the White house in Washington. Global warming interactive, global, therefore, you would be a case for the security Council. He also mentions an international research mission on the German icebreaker “Polarstern”. You should cross through the Arctic ice, which was but “an early warning system” of climate change. The security Council must, however, Maas’ bold analogy, to the “early warning system of international politics”.