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The minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, is Luis Planas Puchades, has held meeting data communication with the president of the Union of Breeders of fighting Bulls, Antonio Banuelos Garcia , and with the vice-president of the Entity, Juan Pedro Domecq Morenés , where you will have transfer to the serious problems that are affecting the livestock of bravo caused by the health crisis of the Covid19 and the consequent stalemate of the season.

In the first place, the farmers suggested “the need of the reactivation of the season , and the adaptation of the sanitary norms regarding the haircuts for ensuring the viability of the celebration of bullfighting in order to give exit to their production, perishable”, report in a press release.

A moment of the meeting of the breeders with Flat – UCTL

breeders of toros de lidia insisted that this situation can lead to the disappearance of the 30% or 50% of the race bravo in Spain, with the irreparable loss genetics and environment, and, that economically it is translating into losses that can achieve the 77 million .

In this regard, the minister stated that it will communicate this urgent demand to the minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes , and also recalled that from 21 June, with the “new normal” competences on these matters will be delegated to the Autonomous Communities and town Councils.

Directorate-General for Animal Rights

on the other hand, you will be moved to the concern of the collective farmer with respect to the Animal Welfare Act which is prepared from the Directorate General of Animal Rights, and that can have direct consequences on the sector of bullfighting. The minister informed that issues concerning animal welfare in the area of livestock are the responsibility of his ministry, and that the draft of the law must be circulated by the working groups of your computer. In addition, as reported in the note mentioned, it recognized that, for their part, “there is no doubt of the importance of bullfighting in the culture, history and traditions of Spain ,” and added that it is aware that “the relationship of livestock, bravo with the bull, is not only a product, it is of love and care”.

The representatives of UCTL emphasized “ the added value of the bull bravo six times higher than the rest of the livestock breeds of cattle and their contribution of the environment to the society is free of charge”, and they claimed a business sustainability livestock via a CAP strong and solid, and the defense of the interests of the sector of bravo at the european level. For his part, Mr. Planas was convinced of a future CAP 21-27 that will benefit the models of management of the territory in regime extensive as is the race of lydia.

Finally, the minister considered another of the proposals of UCTL as is the application of the reduced VAT toro bravo as a cultural product and indicated that it will forward the request to the Ministry of Finance that is who should make that application.