Luca Brecel has a few advantage in the first round of the China Championship of snooker


Luca Brecel (NORTH of 25) has made a thriller for the second round of the China Championship, snookertoernooi (825.000 euro) in Guangzhou, China. He was defeated by a Tuesday home player Tian Pengfei (WS 68), with 5-4.

Brecel, who is the tournament in 2017, won, was against Pengfei to a 2 to 4 disadvantage to the good. The ultimate in the ninth frame it took both of them to turn in the direction which it 56-56 with just the colours on the table. Brecel potte, yellow road, Pengfei took the green and the brown is for you. Brecel had a chance, he is optimally used, with profit, to the ultimate black ball.

In the next round to take on the 24-year-old Person on the way to Mark and Joyce (WS-48).


Luca Brecel (Bel)/25) – Tian Pengfei (Chn/68) 5-4

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