The whole family of “Love is in the meadow” is in mourning. It is the regional daily Le Courrier Cauchois which reveals that Jean-Claude Joly, emblematic farmer of the sixth season of the show, is died at the age of 53. The former candidate was found hanged in the barn of his farm, located in La Frenaye, in Seine-Maritime, on the night of Friday June 24 to Saturday June 25. A drama of all the more tragic knowing that the former troublemaker of the show, Jean-Claude Joly, leaves his companion Maud, whom he had met during the show, as well as their little girl Charlotte, born in September 2014 According to Le Courrier Cauchois, it was his wife who found her husband hanged in the stable of his farm.

A news that upset the host of the show Karine Le Marchand, who wanted to pay tribute to him on Instagram. “My Jean-Claude, words fail me, but not my tears. Thank you for giving me so much joy and affection at each of our reunions. You chose to say stop, so rest in peace. My thoughts go out to Maud and your little Charlotte,” wrote the host of “Love is in the meadow. In a video compiling several images of the smiling farmer with his family and also with the host, Karine Le Marchand soberly wrote “RIP Jean-Claude, I will not forget you”.

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As a reminder, it was in 2011, for the sixth season of the program presented by Karine Le Marchand, that the farmer, who was then 42 years old, had acquired notoriety and the love of the public. His unforgettable lines, his humor and his outspokenness were unanimous with viewers. The cow farmer had caused hilarity and had managed to find love with Maud, with whom he had started a family. Viewers also found him in 2016, in a special program dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the show.

In 2016, a case of domestic violence had come to darken the image of the farmer. Indeed, Jean-Claude Joly had been sentenced for violence on his companion to 60 day-fine of 5 euros, or 300 euros. Violence that the latter had always contested. “There was an argument but I didn’t tap it. Arguing and being violent is different,” he told “Paris Normandie” at the time. According to him, his companion Maud would have “invented a lie”, and would have subsequently regretted having lodged a complaint against him. “She realized she had made a mistake,” the farmer explained at the time. A case that had a strong impact on the couple, who had however decided to stay together.