Snow and rain Floods in Ticino – snow in graubünden country Switzerland fell on the weekend, especially in the South, large amounts of rain. In the Grisons there was even snow.0 comment also the municipality of Magliaso in the Lugano district is affected by Floods.Photo:, reporter

Strong rainfall in Ticino, in part, to Flooding. This was on Sunday, first in the Sopraceneri, then also in the southern part of the Canton. The fire Department had to repeatedly disengaging.

The River Cassarate, which flows through Lugano, reached the danger level 3 with a maximum outflow of more than 80 cubic meters per seconds.

Locally, about 160 litres of rain per square meter, came together, according to Meteonews, within 24 hours. The same time provided in Northern and Central Grisons, the precipitation cooling for the snow flakes up to 1200 meters.


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