According to the sister of the missing football professionals Emiliano Sala has also implored his father to the British authorities, the search for the presumably over the English channel downed 28-Year-old. “The only thing I ask is to continue the search. He can’t be just disappeared,“ said Horacio Sala local media in his Argentine place of residence Progreso.

Already on Thursday, Salas sister Romina, who flew from Argentina to Cardiff had said, in front of TV cameras: “please, Please, please, stop the search. I know in my heart that Emiliano is still alive.“ Previously, the search for Sala had been set up on the Thursday final. This is the police of the British channel island of Guernsey informed. “The chances of Survival are extremely low,” it said.”We have taken this difficult decision after we have reviewed all the information again, also in terms of the emergency equipment on Board the aircraft,” it said in a Statement to the competent port captain David Barker.

Even if the active search is over, not going to closed the case. All planes and ships in the area were encouraged to keep to the allegedly damaged plane on the look-out. “This will continue without a time limit,” said Barker.Up to Thursday were witness to three days of three airplanes and five helicopters, 4400 square kilometers have been searched. Of the machine with Sala no trace had been discovered.

A small plane with Sala on Board was missing on Monday evening on the flight from Nantes to Cardiff, around 20 kilometres North of the channel island of Guernsey. Sala had spoken in a voice message during the flight, his fear of a disaster. It is believed that the machine in the channel is brought down. The water temperature is currently only about ten degrees. Striker Sala had made last Saturday, his move from the French ErstligavereinFC Nantes to Cardiff City in the English Premier League perfectly. The Welsh are supposed to have paid a club-record transfer fee of around 17 million euros.