Losses due to Corona-crisis – the Canton of Zurich puts together 300-million package for SpitälerDie hospitals in Zurich expect a loss of revenue amounting to millions. The government jumps in and calls for help from the Federal government.2 Kommentare2Die hospitals in the Canton of Zurich have suffered during the Corona-crisis financial losses: A triage tent of the Unispitals.Photo: Urs Jaudas

The Canton of attacks by the treatment of prohibition during the Corona-crisis-ridden Zurich hospitals with a 305-million package of measures under the arms. The hospitals were between the age of 16. March and the 27. April make any non-urgent information above is medical interventions and therapies more and expect a loss of revenue in the order of magnitude of estimated of around 380 million Swiss francs, it is said in the media release of the Executive Council.

Just under a third of the failures are attributable to the period after the treatment ban, because the path to normalization is likely to extend over several weeks to months. These failures would represent different hospitals in the course of this year “in front of major challenges,” writes the state Council.

Having regard to article 113, Para. 1 of the cantonal Constitution (obligation to guarantee adequate health care), it was decided, therefore, to the package. In order “to ensure that providers had to rely on the Canton for the management of the Corona pandemic, and is, because of the crisis, not in a critical or even existence threatening situation.”

the 135 million Swiss francs, of the total 305 million, paid by the Canton in the Form of non-repayable contributions, of which 110 million from the Budget of the Directorate of Health resources already budgeted to be done. For 25 million Swiss francs, a supplementary credit to the detriment of the income statement is required.

the Canton of carrying 39 percent of the basic insurance incurred loss of Earnings. The remaining 170 million Swiss francs could be granted as a loan. Also appropriate Addendum be loans the investment, at the expense of the invoice is required.

the Canton of calls for Federal aid

Explicitly not investments by the Federal government were taken into account in the package of measures. This is not due to its role in Pandemic control and in particular due to the ban on medically urgent interventions and therapies, but the responsibility. “It is the clear expectation that the Federal government and the health insurance companies will help to a substantial extent, to cope with the financial consequences of the pandemic for the hospitals is on the part of the Canton of Zurich,” writes the state Council.

From the hospitals of the Canton of expect full transparency of costs so that in the first quarter of 2021, definitive and comprehensible Numbers to the Yield losses are available.

The package of measures in Detail:The Canton contributes to Yield losses, which arose because in-patient treatment could not be provided. Outpatient is not considered to be treatments here. The loss of Earnings must be due to treatments obligatory at the expense of health care insurance, or disability insurance.Also the preparation for the pandemic in the months of February to be compensated until April, at locations in Zurich, should, in principle, to 100 percent. Contributions would be made only to the extent, as this results in no income.Where the Canton has treatments no funding responsibility (a part of the stationary, all outpatient, and accident, military or supplementary insurance-supported treatments), the Canton of repayable loans or guarantees.Because the hospitals need the funds quickly, would be granted in the current year payments on Account in the amount of 80 percent of the estimated contributions.


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