In a time in which large parts of the country in the clutches of ice-cold weather systems get stuck, the professionals of the National Football League is no more attractive Alternative than your games in a well-heated hall. However, away teams travel to such events with a certain discomfort. The noise from the rival Fans produced mainly in covered arenas, a painful cacophony. So like on Sunday in the Superdome of New Orleans, where more than 70,000 followers of the Saints so the readings said in the building – the noise whipped up to 116,4 decibels. Similar to the noise of circular saws or pneumatic hammers.

The wheel is part of a tactic to bring the discrete acoustic signals-by-step, and confusion-scale attack game the visiting team from the Façon. What was achieved in the first half in the semifinals of the NFL championship is also pretty good. The Los Angeles Rams couldn’t get their attack machine at first to tours and back layers after the first quarter, already with 0:13. The difficulty for Quarterback Jared Goff, commander of one of the most productive attack ranks of the League, which had produced in the course of the season with a points average of 32.9, were obvious.

After he had thrown the Ball for the first possession of the ball and a defender of the Saints in the army, he saw himself forced, a technician at the headphones in his helmet work. He couldn’t understand the instructions from the side line and did not know whether he communicated to his people the correct, encrypted information for the scheduled trains. The longer the game ran, the better the Rams were, however, gaining momentum and had the better end for themselves. This time their Kicker Greg Zuerlein has benefited from the hall, in the Leathercraft in the wind-protected Arena, even from enormous distances precisely through the poles shooting at them. So, on paper, very much inexperienced Team won by his shot from a distance of 57 Yards (52 meters) three points and the Match.

26:23-success drew attention once more to one of the most fascinating Trainers in the NFL. Purchased two years ago at the age of just 30 years ago, Sean McVay is not only the youngest head coach in the League, but one of the youngest in the nearly one hundred year history of the NFL at all. The reason: His rise from a water carrier in the team of trainers of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the main responsible of the Rams was unusually rapid. He escaped on the way, even the bad Karma of the Washington Redskins, one of the most unsuccessful teams of the last decades.

His recipe for success: the opponents of intensive ausbaldowern than others, and on as much as possible, sleep without. Four hours per night. Sometimes there are less. The result: The player with the move because they know that it is worth the idea to brushing the attack plans until they can be retrieved. McVay projected in addition, self-esteem Abound: “Our attitude is: We have no fear of error and attack again and again. This is a method, which shows that it trusts its professionals, any amount.“