Lopez Simon triumphs in the first run of the new normal in Avila


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Old normal the new normal. The mess of pens, as always, to “the things of the bulls”. The of always. Neither more nor less. “It is a responsibility to give the first run,” said the businessman, José Montes, the first that has been launched to give a celebration. “We want bulls and appreciates that you give, to see if they animate the figures,” said a spectator after passing through the ticket office after to regret that they had exhausted the entries for retirees, five euros cheaper than the general 30. And a strange environment, with meter and a half of distance between spectator and viewer. “Hey, the green dot,” said a acomodadora a young man from the laying pair that is separated from its companion. “But we do share a room in the hotel!”, replied angry. “Are the rules of the Board,” said the acomodadora, in the functions of “police” for an evening, pardon, night. Night-the first run of the postconfinamiento, even though nine still painted the stripes. To nine and the peak spread of the square and, with a seven minute delay, we started up the paseíllo.

With the band separated according to the rules, the Anthem of Spain it rose up to the sky in tribute to the victims of the coronavirus. There was a silence as atypical, maestrante, of Sunday mass… Until a viewer glued to the railing, with a mask that gives the Community of Madrid, called a “¡viva España!”

Before, the public address system repeated the mandatory use of face masks and not building up garments into the arena of the possible laps at the hem of the bullfighters, as well as the warning that there would be no output to the shoulders of the health measures.

“Columbus” was called the first, number 151, black bociblanco, of 522 kilos. And for Finite, of Córdoba, of rigorous mourning, were the first ols. There are black and jet who can only afford bullfighters with that art, like the one that gave birth to the half-dozen veronicas take advantage of the good are the vellosino, which took a acceptable rod. Ok!, said the Fine. Not walked sobrado forces the bull, who lost his hands in the prologue genuflexo. Relaxed, followed by the right. By the left was shorter, with ugly style, and the matador gave up soon to take advantage of the best python right, with quality. He returned to the hand, left foot and left a trincherilla with his seal. Dug the last batch right hand, with feeling and depth, achieving the highest echoes. It cost a square to “Columbus” and prodded. Prick and thrust short fall. Cheers to the bull and greetings for the matador.

Palms when he left the colorado second, with 583 pounds in tow, to that Cove, of blue and gold, received with veronicas interspersed with the binder to the back, messy but all-in from the start. Knocked down this “Paticorto III”, which provided the public focused on the shadow between the void of the sun. Passes changed it began, the mexican, eager always but without end to catch the air to the animal. Threw kill and buried a lunge delanterita. Had to descabellar. Cheers to the bull, and silence for the bullfighter.

Between bull and toro, if you were clueless, still recalling the forced use of masks, sit in the places with green dots, and comply with the rules.

Lopez, simon, Simon, cinnamon, and gold, and with a black ribbon, she heard “walk” and “oles” on the receipt to the third party, “Tinajero”. In banderillas, rojiblancas as his team, did not miss the banter from the tended high: “This is not a rooster”. Lopez, simon, Simon, without reference to “the vultures who ride chickens for the roosters” –the pearl is Federico Arnas–, continued to his own, that is bullfighting. Gave excited to the sky in memory of the deceased by the Covid-19, among them, two of his uncles, the aunt Pili and uncle Henry. The pandemic has hit too harshly to the family of the bull. Kneeling prostrated Lopez Simon in the prologue, leading well the good charge, with the part of the public on foot. The stillness broke out in the big right hands, with another bull who served, and of noble background, although the left one was shorter. The torero deck of cards, faithful to his style, he ended up in the closer distances. A circular reverse, the chest, the pythons licking the satchel… A arrimón of his own, with espaldina and lunge. And the plaza, “simonista”, Alberto, Fernando was surfing. Slowly killed it, with safety, although the final blow fell with something of the crossing. Ear with request of second. First trophy of the new normal for Lopez Simon.

Arrived at the equator of the celebration, showered again to the hem while some drew the bocatas. We were hungry bull and the rest, who were about eleven. Again Finite left some notes sweet with the binder, as a veronica and-a-half. There was the bull, very fair race, while Juan Serrano delineated natural loose. Eager, tried by both sides between strokes with taste, something you have or don’t have. When pressed more, in the epilogue, he climbed up the intensity. Jabbed (two punctures) and mid-fall, with the bull pirándose to waterpoints. Had to descabellar. While that was happening, some fans spoke of Pablo Aguado: “That I look forward to a long”, was heard. “Well, I prefer to Morante. I say to you I that as that and no other.” Welcome gatherings bullfighting in the lying, even if it is with a meter by means. Drag “Counter” was between palmitas, with kind of Finite.

it Was formed following a fight between fans, with the atmosphere heated up. “The fans do not paint”, said one between puff and puff. “If you don’t like it, you go”, screamed another. Suddenly, what seemed to be a discussion in the evening of carnation with tickets through from the alley to the barrier.

And while people are going about the most outstanding lines that the arena, appeared the fifth, that Calita provided Mountains. By pulling from the onslaught and abuse of the voice, tried to lengthen the travel of “Spanish III”, with more demands, in a muletazo with forced aires but with delivery. Again it chased the first, stabbing something fall, and walked a trophy on his return to the arenas of spain.

Shod with the number 34 was the last, somewhat cross-eyed. Lopez Simon galleó by chicuelinas and by the same stick you removed in the media. The vellosino got the face of a great bull in a moment of bullfighting, while Mambrú and Jesus Wrinkles left good pairs of “Banderillero”. The plaza, on foot. The matador offered to the public and started by high in a currency of a euro. The link below caught the flame. Granted distances, and the bull, something bastote, went to are. As in the old normal, the spaniard came off the shoes and has strengthened his roots in the ring, with connection to the respectable. Went to the Vellosino, the best, and Alberto tied the series. A majestic pass chest he excelled to buckle over short distances. Lunge and notice. By the chair, peeped out a handkerchief, while seeking to force the second ear. “Oh,” again, again!”, asked. But the usía was hard now and with the finger said only one. “Get out, get out!”, Lopez Simon already had the large door, but the pandemic is the theft and they had to march on foot with the triumph conquered. The great triumph, the miracle, was the return of bullfighting to Spain.