In Europe siebtgrößtem London Gatwick airport, it came in the night of Wednesday to massive disabilities in air transport. According to a message on the Twitter page of the airport, all takeoffs and landings were temporarily suspended because of Reports that several drones on the field spotted. Joint investigations with the police were ongoing. “We apologise to passengers for the inconvenience, but the safety of our passengers and employees is a top priority”, – stated in the message.

After the first References to drones sightings over the field against 21 o’clock (local time, 22 hrs CET) were then suspended all flight movements in order to clarify the situation. Later received many more clues. Therefore, some aircraft were sitting on the ground, while the incoming machines would be diverted to other airports.

According to the BBC, these airports are part hundreds of miles from the English capital. To be reported to the drone sightings of the station, the unmanned aircraft would have approached a runway.

On the Twitter page of the airport there was no evidence of a swift end to the traffic chaos. On the contrary, travellers and Pick-up was advised, as a precaution, also on Thursday with the respective Airline flight status to be clarified.

Many passengers complained on social networks about it for quite some time in your plane on the tarmac to be stuck. The airline British Airways apologised to a woman and referred to the drone incident, Such disorders are not something that “what we have under control”.