Lockdown-locker in Russia – Putin expresses his Referendum by Russia on the 1. July on a new Constitution which should secure to the President the Power. Critics fear the manipulations during the vote.Silke Bigalke from Moskau0 comment may be up to 2036 instead of 2024 in the Kremlin : Vladimir Putin, Russia’s rulers.Photo: Reuters

Vladimir Putin has found time to be the window, He gets the vote on the constitutional reform is already on 1. July after. The Corona pandemic had forced him to postpone the deadline in April. Since then, the time increased pressure on the Russian President: on the one Hand, he lost due to his indecisive Occur in the crisis of confidence in the population, at the same time, the protest readiness in the country is increasing, according to surveys. Putin, according to experts, speculate had to put it to a vote, as long as the relief stop figures on flattening of the Infection and before the horror at the onset of the economic damage.

Now, Putin announced the polling date for the constitutional reform on Wednesday – the day on which the Moscow allowed for the first Time after nine weeks of house arrest out. The joy remained, although the behavior of the residents of the capital have to keep their walks to a strict schedule and always put a mask on. Add to that the risk of Infection is hardly decreased: Daily, Russia is one of the 9000 new infections.

victory parade on may 24th. June

For Putin’s political plans, the Opening was rescheduled, however, necessary. Last week, the President said that the peak of the crisis, according to experts, over. In the same breath, he announced that the victory parades in Moscow on may 24. June catching up to do. 14’000 soldiers will then March across the Red square.

No reminder of the Russian population is as important as those of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany 75 years ago. “It is expected that a mobilization effect of the victory parade”, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with the Kremlin close source. A effect of Putin for his vote, would like to use. Already from the day after the Parade, people can vote.

according to rules raise questions apply: It is only eight to twelve people per hour are allowed locally in an election, the regularly cleared and disinfected should be. In some places, will be coordinated under the open sky. Gloves and face mask are mandatory. Who will pick up the ballot, you must not specify how else his passport data in writing. It’s enough, allegedly, the card in front of the poll workers to uphold and the Mouth guard to pull down. To those who hinauswagt, and the electoral Commission home.

The reform of the Constitution allows Putin to run for two more terms.

experts fear that all of this is easier to manipulate and vote multiple times to make. “Under such circumstances, can of course be no vote,” warns about Grigori Melkonjanz, co-chair of the organization Golos for voters ‘ rights. A further concern of the Opposition: The pandemic could distort, anyone who goes to vote and who is not.

the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, however, says that the pandemic will have no impact on the vote: “We do not believe that the Remains of the epidemiological Situation will affect the turnout.” How the vote will turnout be, he does not want to speculate.

A low turnout could be interpreted as a sign of the discontent with Putin. For him, it is the most important vote since the last presidential election. The Reform allowed Putin to run for two more terms and remain possibly until 2036 instead of 2024 in the Kremlin. It strengthens the President and writes the values of Faith in God or the role of the family in the Constitution.

just in Time a homophobic Video showed up now, the advocates for Reform. Have produced two media companies with the Putin-Confidant Yevgeny Prigoschin in connection. The Video shows a gay Couple who adopted in the year 2035, a young orphan. “This is the Russia you choose?”, as a question at the end. The change in the Constitution prohibits same-sex marriage.

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