Cars no longer have the coast. While the cost of living, and particularly of energy, is soaring, many French people are looking to reduce their travel bills, at all costs. Especially since the fuel crisis is giving millions of motorists across the country a hard time.

Enough to make them want to let go of the wheel for good, for a quieter life, on foot, by bike, or in transport.

But in reality, the scenario is not always ideal, if you live in a rural, isolated area, or if your professional situation requires many journeys,

The fact remains that in the big cities, politics, in recent years, has taken hold of the subject, like the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who has apparently declared war on cars.

Pedestrianization of roads, specific traffic bans, facilities for bicycles… Several municipalities are following suit in France.

The goal ? To offer residents the possibility of abandoning engines to take over urban spaces, with the double advantage of reducing pollution and improving the living environment.

But then, where is it really good to live in France when you don’t have a car? Le Parisien has just established a ranking, by analyzing “public data on infrastructures or uses in each of the 96 metropolitan city-prefectures”, specifies the daily.

The list highlights the municipalities where “without completely abandoning it, the car can become optional thanks to alternatives, such as public transport, cycling or walking, too often forgotten”, notes the newspaper.

It gives pride of place to large cities: “large cities, built a long time ago, have major advantages, such as their population density, with a majority tertiary sector”, analyzes the urban planner Sylvain Grisot in the columns of the daily .

However, a few medium-sized cities are found in this ranking, such as Arras (North) and Troyes (Aube) in joint eighteenth place. And the Parisian suburbs are not left out either: Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) and Créteil (Val-de-Marne) are also among the top 20 scores.

In our slideshow, discover the top 10 of these cities where you should settle to permanently consume less fuel.