the corona virus due to cancellation for concerts and other events is now looking for a forum on the internet. Recently established, facebook working in the quarantine club-the site for example, consists of events, which can be arranged either virtually or live.

from the Website (switch to another service) to find notifications including Facebook-the concert and the living room was leaving on the live-stream of the always virtual crafts fairs.

Facebook has also been set up for entrepreneurs and artists corona support -the name of the group, where ideas and works in the cultural sector to help.

the cultural sector has also been created a separate topic extensions with the #support of culture and #support events for use on social media sites for.

– corona virus causing an epidemic due to a large part of the cultural events have so far been cancelled. People have been advised to stay in their homes and avoid additional social situations. Although the intention is good and right, is it the shock of the event organisers, artists, fans and everyone in the field of employment, said the quarantine club established in Helsinki to work the event-area Slaughterhouse producer Kristian Schmidt.

Misþyrming-the band concert stream today Sunday. MisþyrmingVirossakin were taken along

Also a bay on the south side there is a shape up with. Icelandic black metal band Misþyrmingin held tonight in Tallinn, but all public events are in town canceled. The concert, however, held a live stream as (you move to another service).

– initially we had to do a mere Facebook-stream, but then the idea went wild, and now we’re doing stream of the three professional-level camera, a live stream organised by the musician and event organizer Ingmar Aasoja tell.

Many people have left the event because they want to support local promoter to Roman Demtsenkoa , which has enlivened the Estonian cultural life by bringing into the country a number of interesting alternative artists.

Gigs and concerts are replacing the live-stream you are currently not estonia either no exception. For example, the Saturday night dance club HALL organized a live-stream, which lasted seven hours and which occur in as many as eight djs.

I’d Say that the stream is now some time in the new normal. Otherwise, the situation is in every way a really shitty, Ingmar Aasoja amount.

Whether the virtual job in mind or do you get a real gig vibe just on the spot? You can discuss the topic of 16.3. watch 23 up.

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