Listeria: a batch of ham recalled in several Lidl supermarkets


The French are big fans of charcuterie, and especially ham. Each household in France buys it on average 37 times a year, according to a study by Iri en CAM (2021). The stars of the department are of course the vacuum-packed ham packets, sold in supermarkets. And despite the presence of the big names in the sector, such as Fleury Michon or Herta, it is the distributor brands that hold a large part of the market (50.3% in 2021). Consumers are often seduced by their low prices and their quality, which tends to improve over the years.

But sometimes, like many animal meat products, ham can be contaminated with various bacteria, which can be very dangerous to health if the product is consumed.

As such, the latest recall procedure concerns a batch of cooked ham sold in many Lidl supermarkets all over France. A supplier self-check would have revealed the presence of Listeria monocytognes on the product, reveals the Rappel Conso site.

If you have recently purchased vacuum-packed ham in a store of the brand, be sure to check that it is not the offending lot. Here is all the information about it:

The batch is recalled in about fifty Lidl branches across France. In our slideshow, discover the list of points of sale affected by this recall procedure.