Linky counter: why are ants attracted to boxes?


Do you enjoy sweets and other sweet foods? Ants too. And the components which appear inside the Linky counters constitute, for these insects, a hardly hidden supermarket.

In fact, Enedis had already taken full measure of the fact that Linky electricity meters placed outdoors could be attacked by thousands of ants. Every year, the young ladies are, in fact, the cause of more than a million breakdowns. What disconcerted consumers already partially receptive to the deployment of said boxes.

But what we did not know until now was above all the reason why the ants aspire so much to infiltrate these counters to the point of putting them out of circuit. It is now known to everyone and it has a name: starch.

The circuits present inside the box are, in fact, covered with a substance partially composed of starch. Starch which is none other than this sugar found in particular in plants. And a sugar that has the gift of attracting the smallest and most reckless insects: ants. Once detected, the ants cluster around the starch-coated circuits. The meter then detects an overvoltage and thus causes the cut-off.

So be careful if your meter is located outside. But be aware that if a breakdown occurs, your Linky meter will then be quickly replaced and will have, at that time, specific reinforced protection. The objective being to avoid you a new invasion of ants.