Ants causing breakdowns. Particularly active between March and September, ants can be real pests. Indeed, they can be particularly invasive and infiltrate all the most unlikely places in the house.

And the Linky counter is not spared. Indeed, when it is located outside the home, it can be an adequate refuge for ants to protect themselves from the heat. So it is possible that you end up with your counter invaded.

However, this is not without consequences. This is an increasingly common problem that many users are experiencing. Indeed, the proliferation of ants inside the meter causes regular breakdowns.

If you are a victim of this problem, there is no other solution than to contact Enedis who will send a technician to solve the problem. But fortunately, there are prevention tips to prevent your ants from hanging around the meter.

The first trick can be particularly effective since its purpose is to attract ants to another location. Indeed, as Health Magazine explains, you have to get boric acid, easily found in pharmacies. Wearing a mask before handling it is preferable to be sure not to take any risks. Mix 2 teaspoons of this product with 500 g of sugar and 250 ml of water. Insects will be attracted and killed by the mixture.

The other trick only requires one ingredient, talc. Place them all around your Linky meter to protect it. This powder acts as a repellent and ants should not cross the line.