The least we can say is that it leaves no one indifferent. The Linky meter, which has established itself in most homes in France, has long been the subject of virulent opposition, led by various “anti-Linky” collectives as well as by certain communities. Several elected officials have indeed spoken out against the installation of such a device and raised against Enedis… generally in vain as Capital has been able to explain. “The replacement of meters contributes to the modernization of the public electricity distribution network, necessary to meet the challenges of ecological transition. This modernization aims to reduce the carbon impact in France and in Europe. Its installation cannot therefore be a matter of personal choice insofar as it engages the collective interest”, recalled the EDF subsidiary at the time.

One of the reasons for this refusal, as Planet has already been able to point out, is the technology used by Enedis to operate its small green box. The Linky meter is based on Powerline Communication (PLC), which allows information to flow directly through the cables of the electrical network. These are sent in the form of signals, continues the company on its site.

In fact, the Linky meter is said to be “intelligent” and “communicating” precisely because it shares consumption information… continuously. It therefore transfers your data in real time, which means that it does not communicate more at a particular time of the day than at another, observes the specialized site Hello Watt.

This is also an important element of Enedis’ strategy to enable users to reduce their bill at the end of the day. More tips on this subject by following this link.