Life on Mars would be very real. This is the conclusion of entomologist William Romoser, of the University of Ohio, following his research on photos published by NASA. These, taken by different rovers (robots) over the past ten years, would show evidence of Martian life. An element that adds to the recent discoveries linked to the red planet and the possibility that it harbors life there.

It was this Tuesday, November 19, at the national meeting of the Entomological Society of America in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) that William Romoser presented his theory concerning life on Mars. “There was, and there is still life on Mars,” said the specialist. The pictures seem to show fossilized species but also living species, reports the site Trust My science.

“There is an apparent diversity among the ‘Martian insect’ fauna. structured legs”, added the scientist.

The entomologist attests that you can see forms resembling insects and reptiles in many photos. Some of these forms are comparable to bumblebees or carpenter bees, explains the researcher. According to him, the images even show that these “bees” seem to be sheltering in caves. He also confirmed that other pictures would show a fossilized creature that looked like a snake.

William Romoser also indicated that interpretations of these insect-like and reptile-like specimens could change in the future, as knowledge of life on the red planet evolves. The fact remains, for him, that the amount of evidence is already substantial: “The evidence for life on Mars presented here provides a solid basis for many other important biological, social and political questions”, a- he added. “It also represents a strong rationale for further studies,” he concludes.