Levrat-follow – up Reynard and Seiler count pull candidacy for SP-top-of-the zurückDer Valais, national councillor Mathias Reynard wants to be the state Council, the national councillor from Zurich Priska Seiler Graf does not want to compete single-handedly.10 Kommentare10Haben from the race for the successor of the SP-party Bureau taken: Valais, national councillor Mathias Reynard and national councillor from Zurich Priska Seiler count.Keystone/Ti-Press/Samuel Golay

The path for the Zurich-Mattea Meyer (ZH) and the national Council of Cédric Wermuth (AG) to the top of the SP seems to be paved. The Valais, national councillor Mathias Reynard has withdrawn his candidacy, alone, the Mitkandidierende Priska Seiler Graf does not want to compete.

Reynard wants to run for the Valais state Council, and not for the successor to the outgoing SP-party President Christian Levrat, as he announced in an Interview with the Valais newspaper Le Nouvelliste on Monday.

His heart have wavered between the Valais state Council, and the SP presidency back and forth, said the 32-Year-old. “My heart and my courage are here,” said Reynard continued in the Interview. “I would like to give back to my Canton and its residents, what you have enabled me so far,” said the SP-politician told the newspaper.

in Addition, he stated that it is not pressure from the party or from the population would have been, had led him to this decision. He rather had the impression that he could be for his Canton more useful than for the total Swiss party.

“The sensitivity of the Left hand, the plurality and the spirit of openness, the rule in the Canton of Valais, Mr, must be represented in the Council of state, and I will be for the fulfillment of this task useful, as if I would lead as President of the SP,” he explained further.

Seiler Graf withdraws

Reynard had announced that he would run with the Zurich national councillor Priska Seiler count for the SP presidency. Seiler Graf is no longer made in an Interview with Radio SRF clear that for you so that a candidacy was out of the question. Alone your candidacy makes no sense. She was disappointed about the decision of Reynard, expressed but also understanding. In its place, you would have acted the same, she said.

The succession of Christian Levrat was supposed to be in April sealed – but the project was delayed due to the Coronavirus-crisis on October.

On 10. August the registration of candidates is to be opened again. Interest in the top position of the SP members of Parliament Mattea Meyer (ZH) and Cédric Wermuth (AG), who wanted to be a Co-presidency, and thus favored are likely to be expressed in addition to the Duo Reynard – Seiler count. In addition, Martin Schwab (SP Nidau BE) announced his candidacy.


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