Christmas trees will be invited to living rooms, city streets will soon be lit up, Christmas carols will ring out in stores… New Year’s Eve is in a month and ten days and it’s starting to be felt in France. If some still and always resist the magic of Christmas, others have already gotten into the mood for a few days. Who says end of year celebrations also says gifts and therefore list to Santa Claus.

If you have young children or grandchildren, you know this is a must-see time of late November and early December. To ensure that the right toys will be at the foot of the tree on the morning of December 25, Santa must be aware. Collage, handwritten letter, typed on the computer… He will read everything, as soon as he receives the mail at his address. Here are the four addresses where to write to Santa Claus, according to the La Poste website.

As La Poste explains, “just write the mention ‘Santa Claus’ for your mail to be delivered to Santa’s village”.

Attention, unlike other letters, the one that will be sent to the North Pole does not need to be stamped, since the sending is free. If you want a response from Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus, don’t forget to write your address on the back of the envelope. Since Santa Claus is now connected, you can also send him your child’s list by email, thanks to the dedicated site.