Undoubtedly, you have heard about Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has shaped Turkey since the age of sixteen, already a lot of. You will have drawn your conclusions, how he ruled the country and international relations deals. Basically, it is sufficient to know an explosive trait to him, includes everything, what you have heard or seen. In the DNA of all the properties of the state President the same: one hundred percent submission. 99 percent range. He does not forgive it, if he has even the slightest doubt as to the Fidelity comes up to him. Never could keep someone in his closest circle, if he had practiced with only minimal criticism of the “rice” (head).

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the beginning of the two thousands of years, four people from the Islamist Milli Görüs had founded the movement in the ACP: Abdullah Gül, Abdüllatif Sener, Bülent Arinç and Erdogan. The first three were cleared out of the way, as soon as they were advised, for various reasons, with Erdogan to each other. As Erdogan himself has cut down the men with whom he had shared the party was founded, he knows for people of lower rank, a fortiori, no mercy.

One of the largest “cleansing” of recent times Ahmet Davutoglu was concerned, the Erdogan the Premier had made, after he himself had been elected President. Their relationship going back a long time. As Erdogan, the Prime Minister had become, he had brought Davutoglu, the then-International relations taught at the University, as a foreign policy adviser to his side. In the years before closed friendship wore Davutoglu then to the office of the Prime Minister. Until he took in the assumption to actually be Prime, a couple of steps regardless of Erdogan. As Erdogan close to the people presented a Declaration to the Internet, in which they accused Davutoglu of betrayal and resignation crowded. We went to the running stitch. Davutoglu mind the touch of a Finger, and saw in may 2016, and forced to take his hat, both as Prime Minister and as the ACP Chairman.

Eleven consecutive years the Minister

As Davutoglu had been speculated about what would have to be for a profile of the new Prime Minister. The crucial note of the AKP member of Parliament Aydin Ünal, acting for many years as an Advisor to Erdogan, and even Talking for him, had written: “The next Prime Minister will have a lower profile.” The Statement meant: We can make someone as Prime Minister who listens to us. The search was not far. Today, a man takes the chair, the Davutoglu acknowledged at the time, in fact, the Erdogan nothing twice must say.