This sentence is familiar to every citizen of Turkey about thirty: “Turkey is one of the seven countries that can be self-sufficient.” The pride-inducing set of books in our geography teaching so that we were reared. We were taught that in our home country, in which all four seasons of the year prevail at the same time, all of the waxes and we had to rely on anyone to be fed up. He likes to contain a Dose of Propaganda, but quite incorrectly, the sentence was not. The industrial Revolution we had missed, the fact was that we needed for the production of imports, as an agricultural country, however, were very well placed.

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in Order to internalise the above-mentioned Pride, we celebrated every December in the school holidays, the week of the regional product. This week, a simple Ritual fell to us students, with the money drain stopped abroad and an awareness of the need for economy should be awakened. Everyone brought something that grew in our country. Hazelnuts from the Black sea, the raisins of the Aegean sea, of oranges from the Mediterranean sea, we presented on our tables, then we ate together, the domestic products of Turkey, “one of the seven countries that take care of themselves”.

In the eighties, the Turkey, the market economy opened its doors. The industrialization took unregulated travel, factories shot up from the most fertile soils in the country. Because the industrialization was unplanned, the agricultural area steadily, and the industry needed population poured into the cities. Therefore, the self-catering country came in the nineties to Stumble. At the beginning of the turn of the Millennium years, the Turkish economy was bankrupt. In order to bring them back on their feet, some resorted to an IMF program. Its provisions required the subsidisation of the agricultural economy, to abolish. That’s why we had no more farming, for which we can the week of the regional product would have to commit.

With the arrival of the AKP government, was repaid in full in 2002, the sentence that was given to us at the tender age taught, completely. Erdogan said the construction sector is the dominant industry, and agriculture collapsed completely. Once we had turned all of us in order to be a granary, today we are a country that imported wheat. Even straw, a product with an extremely low value, we are now. A few months ago, the onion harvest was still insufficient, the prices shot up at a faster rate than the Dollar. In order to keep you under control, let the government raids in the onion store.

The customs duties to zero

set to fruition As the nothing, were onions imported. How humiliating this is, I want to explain, using examples from our culture. The onion is in Turkey for poverty. In order to show under what difficult circumstances you are living, said: “We eat only bread and onions.” The language shows that the onion is considered to be the Lowest among the vegetables. “The Hero is now in need of onions,” an old folk song, to describe how hard his life is.