staffing is offering a primary school in Eastern Thuringia teaching only four instead of five days in the week. The concerned parents of the primary school in Unterwellenborn has been notified, according to “Ostthüringer newspaper” in writing that until further notice the 3. and 4. Classes will be merged together and 1. and 2. Classes could be taught on each day of the week, only alternately.

it was a care of the children at the teaching free days, could unfortunately not be guaranteed. According to a spokesperson of the Ministry of education in Erfurt after-school day care was ensured in all five days.

The resentment about the lessons of failure in Parenting is large and also the mayor of the municipality of Andrea turning (Free voters) is outraged: “Such a thing.” She could not understand why the competent office of education did not respond to the foreseeable losses due to pregnancy or a cure. Only last year a primary school in the East Ponitz had hit the headlines, because you should be due to teachers lack of close.