The rescue of the internal combustion engine may come from an old ammunition depot. In a birch of the baden forest in the vicinity-württemberg, a small town Received, it was settled years ago on a former military site, an “innovation campus”.

Rüdiger, they

Political correspondent in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

F. A. Z.

Until 1993, the German army was encamped here, the replenishment of ammunition. You should be flown in the defense of the case of the Bodensee-motorway A81 to the war zone. For almost ten years, Armin Gallatz research here with his brother in a small hall at one technology that will extend the life of the internal combustion engine technology, perhaps, and thousands of jobs in the car could mobile save industry.

The Green or the German environmental aid (DUH) would the Otto – and the diesel engine, preferably on the trash heap of technology history. In the design of modern internal combustion engines, but there are still a number of progress. Armin Gallatz, head of the company “Micro Wave Ignition” (MWI), is a classic Swabian tinkerer, the technical progress is more important than ideology. Gallatz is in the former ammunition hall in front of an engine test bench.

microwave-cylinder for less fuel consumption

oscillators, probes for flue gas measurement, a thicker waveguide, which leads into the combustion chamber of a “Textron”-a two-cylinder engine. In addition, a device that “Megatron2”. It is a Generator that produces electronic waves to colloquially as micro waves. Instead of a spark plug the fuel is ignited in the Gallatz developed engines-air mixture with microwaves.

Instead of an inefficient spark ignition of a microwave-based space ignition. “We’re going to burn in an engine with microwave ignition, not a point, but many thousands of points in the combustion chamber. The Zündkeime space ignition is caused by an electromagnetic field. Due to the Coupling of the microwave energy in pulsed Form, we can control the combustion optimally,“ says Gallatz and signaled to his employees, to the Motor.

For the test rig, the engineers have selected a two-cylinder engine. For a smaller motor boat or as a Supplement to the engine in a Hybrid vehicle or a VW Polo, he would be 64 kW. In a cylinder of the modified test engine is conventionally ignited in the other with microwaves.