Four heroines with an exceptional destiny. This fall, TF1 broadcast Les Combattantes, the historical fiction which captivated an average of 4.75 million viewers in front of their screens every Monday evening. A fresco erected at the time of the First World War, the filming of which took place between the Vosges, Hauts-de-France and the Paris region.

In the cast of this eight-episode mini-series, the finale of which is broadcast this Monday, October 10, the public followed the adventures of four women played by Julie De Bona (the mother superior Agnès), Audrey Fleurot (Marguerite de Lancastel), Camille Lou (Suzanne Faure) and Sofia Essaïdi (Caroline Dewitt). If the first three actresses have already shone together in Le Bazar de la Charité in 2019, the last protagonist revealed in Star Academy was on the poster for La Promise in 2020.

Faced with the enthusiasm of the faithful of the historic series, the latter are many to wonder if a season 2 could be considered. Alas, the idea would not be on the agenda to give a follow-up to the fiction directed by Alexandre Laurent. Before saying goodbye to the quartet of Combattantes de TF1, here is where you can soon find the four famous actresses on television.

During the broadcast of Les Combattantes, Julie de Bona promoted the series by sharing several publications on Instagram. The opportunity for her to “salute the immense talent of our director Alexandre Laurent but also that of our no less talented cinematographer Jean-Philippe Gosselin”, as evidenced by his recent publication on the social network. After the end of the TF1 soap opera, the actress will star in a new TV movie directed by Stéphanie Pillonca.

This Tuesday, October 11, actress Julie de Bona will play in Le Souffle du dragon on M6. A fiction inspired by a true story: that of a group of women affected and operated on for breast cancer. In solidarity with the disease, these fighters will try to rebuild themselves by paddling on a pink boat in the shape of a dragon. At his side, also find Julie Gayet, Bérengère Krief or Firmine Richard and Lola Dewaere.

Flagship figure of Les Combattantes, Audrey Fleurot was delighted to have contributed to the success of the fiction on TF1. However, the famous actress already has other ambitions. “If we put end to end the audiences that Camille (Lou), Julie (de Bona), Sofia (Essaïdi) and I achieved, it’s still not a bad performance! For us, it’s obviously power, freedom and strength of proposal. Interpreter, I was very happy to be one for years, but now I want to be more of a decision-maker and more only at the end of the chain”, he said. she insured with Télé Star.

While waiting to find her in other screen roles, the actress is already in preparation for season 3 of High Intellectual Potential (HPI). “I don’t want to let go of the character of Morgane,” she told Franceinfo last May. “Afterwards, as for all the series that I have been able to do, I am afraid of doing the season too much. I want to embody it as long as we manage to raise the sliders each time, to renew the shape and so that I can have fun. Then, I’m afraid that we’ll get tired of it and that it will become annoying”.

After Les Combattantes, Camille Lou will be showing in season 3 of I promise you with Hugo Becker. TF1’s flagship series, adapted from the original This Is Us format, filming took place this summer from July between Paris and Charente-Maritime. If no broadcast date has been announced, season 2 had attracted an average of 3 million fans in front of their post.

The actress and singer will also be the heroine of Prometheus, the unpublished fantasy fiction of TF1, the filming of which took place in early 2021 in the Southwest, according to a press release from the front page. She will play alongside Odile Vuillemin, Marie-Josée Croze, Thomas Jouannet and Fantine Harduin.

What will be the news of Sofia Essaïdi after the end of Les Combattantes? A few days after the end of the soap opera, TF1 will launch season 10 of Star Academy, the famous telecrochet which revealed the artist in 2003. The opportunity for her to confide in a potential appearance in the program, as will former students like Karima Charni and Lucie Bernardoni (season 4).

“I think it’s a good idea for it to happen again, but it would be a less good idea for me to be very involved in it. That said, why not come on time? We’ll see…”, dropped the singer with of Gala.

While waiting for a possible return to the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, the famous actress will soon be at the cinema. According to BFM TV, she will star under the direction of Olivier Marchal in his new action film Overdose, co-written by Christophe Gavat. A fiction adapted from the novel Mortels Trafics, written by the author Pierre Pouchairet who received the Quai des Orfèvres Prize in 2017.