An unbeatable champion on the throne of 12 noon shots. Several months after the elimination of Laurent, several participants followed one another against Jean-Luc Reichmann to become the midday master. But, for the past few weeks, a young candidate has caused a sensation with viewers.

This is Alexandre, the current champion in Les 12 coups de midi on TF1. Present since May 27 in the game of general culture, the 35-year-old candidate from Laval continues his journey brilliantly over the broadcasts. After his 15th victory this Friday, June 10, he has already accumulated 36,000 euros in winnings and gifts.

Questioned by our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs, Alexandre returned to his participation by evoking what motivated him to take part in the game of Jean-Luc Reichmann. “It was my friends Lucas and Laura, who often accompany me in video on the show, who wanted to register me. They often pointed out to me that I knew a lot of things. For me, it was normal , and they signed me up as a joke.” After passing the selections at the end of 2020, the nurse had to juggle his schedule to take part in the filming.

If the single nurse continues to impress viewers with his knowledge, this passage in Les 12 coups de midi is also an opportunity for him to put the spotlight on his incredible intellectual capacity. “My goal was to be able to talk about my personal troubles, my high intellectual (HPI, editor’s note) and emotional potential. And my attention disorder with hyperactivity”, confided the midday master. “I wanted to give visibility to people who, like me, suffer on a daily basis. And to show them that we can also be proud of ourselves, because generally, we doubt a lot of ourselves”, indicates the one who considers to have the “impostor syndrome”.

During filming, the champion Alexandre must in particular learn to manage his emotions. “It’s very hard, as we record five shows a day. Between the 3rd and 4th, we are lucky to have a little time. I sleep in my dressing room, so emotionally exhausted I am. It’s hard to to concentrate, because of my attention disorder. It is the horror for me to be glued behind a desk for an hour and ten minutes”, assures the candidate according to our colleagues.

Like the heroine played by Audrey Fleurot on TF1, the current midday master shares this faculty with other PAF celebrities. Before him, Paul El Kharrat also shone with his intellectual faculties on Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show. The history-loving student and writer, suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, had accumulated 691,522 euros in 153 participations. A journey that could inspire the new master, who is determined to win his first mysterious star. Answer in the next episode…