The Élysée had warned: the losing ministers of the legislative elections will have to pack their boxes and leave the government. With only 245 seats against the 289 required to form an absolute majority, the presidential majority is in difficulty… And must say goodbye to three of its ministers in office:

The other ministers candidates for the legislative elections, for their part, all emerged victorious from the second round. This is the case, first, of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne who narrowly won the sixth constituency against the candidate Nupes Noé Gauchard, at the rate of 52.46% against 47.54%. However, she is not the only one to be (re)elected:

If these ministers will not have to resign because of their victory, Elisabeth Borne should, for her part, present her resignation to the Head of State in the coming hours. Why ?

Victorious out of the second round of the legislative elections, Elisabeth Borne should however submit her resignation to Emmanuel Macron, by pure French tradition. This is a “courtesy resignation”, which takes place after the results of the legislative elections as after the results of the presidential election. If this is not written into the Constitution, the use dates back to the Third Republic, as indicated by Le Journal du Dimanche.

Will the Prime Minister be renamed by Emmanuel Macron?

Tenant of Matignon for only a few weeks, Elisabeth Borne should be reappointed “unless a huge surprise”, notes Le Journal du Dimanche. Candidate in the 6th constituency of Calvados, the former Minister of Labor obtained 52.46% of the vote, against 47.54% of the vote for Noé Gauchard, candidate of Nupes.

As a reminder, Edouard Philippe had also resigned from the post of Prime Minister two days after the second round of the legislative elections in 2017. Emmanuel Macron had renamed him so that he could form the second Philippe government.