During the ” Dancing With The Stars’ has been Borrowed for ‘Map of Home, Dendievel, in the wings was taken by James and Kat Kerkhofs. As a joke, to lash out with the actress, you do not, however, go unpunished. The time for vengeance is, therefore, during the Girl Late last Night.

‘Girl from the Late Night from Monday to Thursday and Saturday, at FOUR.

More about a Girl from a Late Night, Luc Appermont lays the soul bare between the sheets, “The first feeling of love, that Bart was” doesn’t matter “Family” is not nice for VTM: “do I Have the 93 has to have something to do with it?” Jacky Lafon: “My dad did things with us that will not be easy to talk to are the” President of the Council: “in the event that, after the elections, not on stage”