Lakers superstar took his ideas to Twitter after the episode

James took his ideas to Twitter after the episode.

“Incidentally WE AS THE PLAYERS wanna find out who pulled that popcorn Russ while he was departing the match tonight with a harm!! There’s cameras around arenas so there is no excuse!” James wrote.

Westbrook, who had been coping with an ankle injury, was heading down the street and into the locker room moments prior to the Sixers came off with a 120-95 success over the Wizards in Game two of the ancestral matchup.

“Following an investigation into the incident that happened at last night’s match, we’ve decided that the individual involved will have his season ticket membership revoked, effectively instantly. Additionally, he is going to be prohibited from all events in Wells Fargo Center indefinitely,” the group said at an announcement .

“We apologize to Russell Westbrook along with the Washington Wizards to be exposed to this kind of improper and disrespectful behaviour. There’s not any place for it within our game or stadium.”

Westbrook needed to be controlled by safety and coaches.

“I would not think of me on the road and toss popcorn in my mind, as you understand what happens. … In such arenas, you have ta begin protecting the gamers. We are going to see exactly what the NBA does,” Westbrook said following the match.

“This was classless, improper behaviour and we are not going to tolerate it in Wells Fargo Center. We are proud to have the most fervent fans in the nation and the very best home-court and home-ice edge about, yet this kind of behaviour has no place in our stadium,” Camillo said.