Sales between individuals on the internet are becoming easier and easier to achieve. In a few clicks, it is now possible to buy, sell or rent a home, a car, or any other object you need without going through a sign or a professional.

In France, platforms like Vinted have recently appeared. If the Lithuanian application is a great success in France, leboncoin remains the leader in person-to-person sales in France.

On its own, the French online classifieds site created in 2006 represents:

If you have a good chance of finding an offer corresponding to what you are looking for on leboncoin, certain products and advertisements are not authorized on the site. In the slideshow below, find the list of those who are prohibited.

If you decide to post an ad on Leboncoin, you must succeed in standing out from the 800,000 daily offers on the site. To do this, it is better to choose a simple, fairly short title.

Then, be sure to make a complete, faithful and honest description of the product. Be careful, you can’t write everything you want. The leboncoin site gives you some rules to follow:

To stand out, also pay attention to the time at which you publish your ad. It is also advisable to take beautiful photos of your product and mention the reasons for which you put it on sale.