Due to financial damages due to compromised diesel vehicles in the fleet have the countries of Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate sued the VW group for damages. In order to follow the example of Baden-Württemberg, which was submitted at the end of 2018, also suit.

In Bavaria, around 1000 Diesel are affected. Already on 31. December had been collected at the regional court of Munich for a declaratory judgement to secure the damages, said a spokesman of the Ministry of Finance on Friday in Munich. Previously, the “Handelsblatt” (Friday) had reported on the case.

“The exact determination of the damage amount, further surveys of the ministries concerned are necessary, so that the damage can not currently be quantified,” said the spokesman. Without the filing of the claim before the turn of the year the claims have threatened to expire.

121 vehicles in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz

In Rhineland-Palatinate, it is a report of the “trierischer people’s friend” , a “low single-digit million amount”.Exact Figures for the required sum could not call the Ministry of Finance, informed a spokesperson confirmed the report to the newspaper. The suit was accordingly, on 28. December the regional court of Mainz submitted. The lawsuit related to 121 vehicles, which were mainly used in the police and in the country of operation, mobility.

“The nationwide, non-unified case law, plaintiffs admits, sometimes, in damages claims against Volkswagen for purchased, with certain motors vehicles to equip. In view of this legal position, the country has decided to make in these cases, the claims of the country before a court,“ said the Ministry in the newspaper the lawsuit.

Baden-Württemberg had submitted at the end of 2018 lawsuit against VW. The state government calls for a low double-digit million amount as compensation for approximately 1,400 cars. Volkswagen had rejected in the past, and demands.