A new life far from the capital. The actor Laurent Ournac, born in Versailles, decided a few months ago to change his life. It is in the south of France that he moved alongside his wife Ludivine and their two children Capucine (born in 2012) and Léon (born in 2019).

In an interview with the magazine Nous Deux, the interpreter of Tom in Camping Paradis spoke of his new daily life as a southerner. “The South offers great light, sunshine all year round and a more relaxed living environment for children,” he said and added: “That’s what we had come to look for it, it’s a very good environment in which to grow and flourish (…) We live near the sea and the mountains, everything is easy, getting around is simple”.

Another advantage for the actor, his family enjoys the benefits of the surrounding nature. “We live outside. The children enjoy a swimming pool in the garden, sometimes go to the beach after school or have a picnic there in the evening”. These children also have “a playground around the house which allows them to have fun”.

On Instagram, Laurent Ournac had unveiled a pretty photo of his daughter, returning to a new school, in September 2021. “On the way to CM1! New region, new school, new life… This is the first time that I don’t hold your hand on the way back to school. But @ludiournac has taken out her best dress to take over the interim! You in the South, me in the North but I’ll be back soon”, he wrote in the caption of his publication.

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