An idyll that turns into a nightmare for Laurence. Since her participation in season 17 of Love is in the meadow on M6, the candidate has been at the heart of a love triangle between farmer Jean and his rival Nathalie. A trio that has already made an impression with viewers.

During an episode broadcast on Monday, September 26, the Auvergne cattle breeder did not hide his preference for Laurenceen, kissing her passionately under the dumbfounded eyes of the second contender. “The image of this season: The pachydermic shovel rolling, the sweaty polo shirt, the superhero seum in the background. It’s magic”, “We call that a humiliation for Nathalie…”, “Well, no very delicate all the same Jean”, exclaimed the fans of the program on Twitter.

A kiss that has gone viral, of which Laurence revealed the underside of the sequence. “When we kissed, the cameras were twenty meters away. I didn’t think it was going to give that,” explained the fifty-year-old in La Charente Libre. But today, Jean’s contender seems affected by the media frenzy. “I’m overwhelmed. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do this show again. It caused me too much trouble”.

A languorous kiss, a romantic bath in a jacuzzi… Her publicized romance with the farmer earned her mockery, but also reprimands from her employer. As indicated by our colleagues from the Charente daily, Laurence Ceinturet is employed at the town hall of Saint-Yrieix as a civil servant. She officiated for the canteen of a kindergarten and also delivered meals for the elderly. But, at the time of filming, she had declared herself on sick leave with her employer.

Faced with this situation, Laurence was summoned by the community, because her appearance in Love is in the meadow would be judged “as undermining the internal functioning of the services”, teaches us daily. For the mayor of the town, Jean-Jacques Fournié, “it could and should have been transparent”, as to its participation. Before recognizing that the official is not in an illegal situation. “The texts allow a sick agent to travel for a short period”, specifies the newspaper.

However, the councilor of the town believes that the absence of his employee was badly experienced by his colleagues. The latter did not appreciate seeing her exposed to the screen while their workload was increased to compensate for her absence. “This creates a feeling of injustice among your colleagues”, is it notified in the summons, according to terms relayed by our colleagues.

Saddened by the whole story, Laurence concedes to the newspaper. “All this is getting serious. I don’t want a problem with the town hall”. Also accused of having been paid on the M6 ​​show, the fifty-something formally denies. “I didn’t get a penny.” Assured of having the support of two CGT union delegates who surround her, the candidate “will not be sanctioned”, indicates the mayor of the city. While waiting for the balance sheet, Laurence continues her love story with Jean, broadcast every Monday evening on M6.