Humor against Virus-crisis – Laughing in Corona-times – a result of 11Bill Gates announces Covid-20, the Virus is a doll. And Helge Schneider resigns – or is it? Our new selection with a Corona of Humor. Andreas Tobler0 comment hands grow, remain, keep your Distance, if possible at home: The most important rules in the fight against the Virus are known. Some go even further and exaggerate’s strong.Photo: private

After weeks of the lock downs we have with us on the long road back to normality go. Enough time for a little break, maybe with a little Corona of Humor.

1. Bill Gates announced his latest Coup on

Some speculate Yes, that Covid-grew up 19 of the fatherless, and to the mutant, therefore, in the absence of positive role models – a brutal Virus (or have you heard of Covid-18? Yes!). Others, in turn, rocks are firmly convinced that Corona is not a match, an invention of Bill Gates and some other strings. The latter will now receive new food:

2. The Virus is a doll!

The truth in the matter of Corona’s, but still a lot of concussion: The Virus is a doll that is reminiscent of Klibys Caroline, played by Patrick Karpiczenko, in short, “Karpi”. Here is the first Interview with the corona line:

3. What is the Lockdown with us

makes weeks of quarantine, things change. And sometimes you just do not know where the head is – as shown in the following surveillance video makes it clear.

4. On dogs don’t leave

Is everyone really an artist? And what is better: a dog or a cat? Some say so, others not so. The following Video provides clarity, but dogs always reliable, especially if someone has discovered after weeks of Hamsterns the artist.

5. None of my business, but…!

born A discovery from Austria: Tereza Hossa, 1995, is a Slam poet and cabaret artist. In addition, a “woman of God”, as it says on their website Live fucking. What is the meaning of the latter, we were not able to find out. Hossa has published several short Videos, which point in the increase of runs on envy and resentment in Corona times.

6. New training video

Hooray, the Restaurants are open again. And already there is the first training videos on how to set up a pickling, in order to eat, in spite of Social Distancing together.

7. Helge Schneider retires – or not?

While Buster Keaton is a safe value, to plunge us into a crisis of meaning. For: Helge Schneider has recently announced in a Video for his resignation.

To Helge Schneider’s retirement plans, but there are doubts. Because the singing, Mr cake, in this summer of 65, is on the air. In several Videos he always takes the piss with the 78-year-old filmmaker Alexander Kluge. The latter is, after all, a student of the philosopher Theodor W. Adorno, known for the sentence “Fun is a Stalhbad”. In discussions with Clever it is, among other things, crystallized Corona-viruses, the cutter will have taken his morning urine.

8. A song for the crisis

There were songs that were years before the Corona-crisis-written and are up to date as never. For instance, the following steel Berger, the can capture a feeling of Being at home perfectly.

9. And what Hazel Brugger power?

The “Social Distancing”-series by Hazel Brugger and Thomas Spitzer comes to an end, with the really big questions: What Hazel Bruggers favorite color is the bear with the rubber? What is your most embarrassing childhood experience? And you and Thomas Spitzer are actually a Couple?

Bonus: children explain represented Corona

While some of the Grown-up erroneous views, know children know. At least the respondents to the survey have a clear message: “You are right time weggah, Corona-Virus,” yep, and subito.

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