Last year, the Pennsylvania bear hunt was ranked fifth among all time.


According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, 3,659 bears were killed by hunters in Pennsylvania last season.

The Pennsylvania bear hunters enjoyed a great season.

The state released numbers for the most recent bear hunt season. It revealed that it was one the best ever. The report also shows that bears were caught in the majority of the state’s counties.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, 3,659 bears had been harvested by hunters in Pennsylvania last season. This is the second-largest harvest since 2011 and the fifth largest ever recorded in Pennsylvania.

Last year, the state sold 205812 bear licences.

Emily Carrollo is the Game Commission’s black-bear biologist. She stated, “Pennsylvania had a long history supporting a lot black bears across most of the state. Many of them are truly impressive in size.” The best part is that the future looks bright for this resource.

She said, “Pennsylvania is a popular destination for bear hunting for many years, and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.”

Last year, the 2021 Pennsylvania bear hunting season was extended. Hunters were permitted to hunt the animals during the first weekend of deer season.

With 4,653 bears being harvested, 2019 was Pennsylvania’s bear season with the highest rank.

722 pounds was the largest bear that was harvested in 2021. Although it is quite impressive, this bear is not the biggest ever killed in the state. A hunter captured an 875-pound bear in 2010.

Since 1992, only seven black bears over 800 pounds have been caught in the state.

681 pounds was the largest bear that was killed without a rifle in 2021. The animal was taken down by a hunter in Newport Township using a bow & arrow.