In 2005, singer Lara Fabian was Thierry Ardisson’s guest on his show Tout le monde en parle. A television passage which deeply shocked the star as she had confided in the Quebec version of Everyone talks about it, November 15, 2021.

“What is good is that the breasts have not moved. Because sometimes, when you lose weight, you lose your breasts”, clarified the “man in black alias Thierry Ardisson after a reflection by Laurent Baffie. After having saw this sequence on the set of host Guy A Lepage, the singer could not hide her anger at such remarks, saying “we had not just seen the worst excerpts from the interview”.

“Again there, you have not heard him say that I am a sausage, because you were kind enough to pass an extract which is still audible, I find, but it was cruelty, violence “, she declared and to add: “You see very well that… I am completely… I do not have the means to react”. According to the interpreter of I love you, such relentlessness would never have happened in Quebec. “We’re deeply benevolent here. That’s all. I wouldn’t know how else to put it. ‘understood correctly’.

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