– About 90% of the revenue comes from the Norwegian side. Figures it already tells you what’s happening here, sighed by the merchant Arto Aurala deeply.

auralan have Utsjoki Nuorgamissa two shops, one of which is the Norwegian and Finnish border closure will have been temporarily put to catch up. If the situation is prolonged, it is Auralan to layoff their employees. So far, employees have been able to keep, for example, already accrued vacation time job closes.

This is not a situation Aurala never in his career faced. 140 kilometers from kari gasniemen another dealer, *Seppo Härkösellä *is similar to the troubles. Härkösellä is Karigasniemi village in a grocery store in addition to the iron trade.

karigasniemi equal merchant Seppo Härkönen is annoyed about it, that has been forced to lay off people. Linnea Rasmus / Yle

As Nuorgamissa, also kari gasniemen the same size share of customers comes from Norway. Now Härkönen employees part is laid off, at least until the end of may.

it Is a sad thing to think about, how workers are faring. It’s too bad that this became so huge, that I had to put workers out of work, frets Härkönen.

the Effects on the economy of a huge

the border trade is the Utsjoki, an extremely important industry and source of employment.

– businesses with a turnover of Utsjoki around 40 million years, where the trade share is 30 million. It is our by far the largest industry, told the Utsjoki municipality’s development and economic development chief Eeva-Maarit Aikio .

Aikio at the year 2018, the statistics regarding employment. He told reporters that the stores businesses have Utsjoki municipality employed 82 persons. It’s almost 20% of the total Utsjoki working population.

– If you think that you need to make redundancies and layoffs, so the impact is going to be really big, consider Aikio.

the Future concern. Aikio consider the businesses stores in addition, for example, in the tourism sector.

I have very great concern to the company field and the workers, families for which the laid off and who are then maybe yourself entrepreneurs. They’re ok at least can’t his concern, as well as uncertainty that is not known because this is the end, says Aikio.

Business and promotion manager Eeva-Maarit Aikio is concerned about how the layoffs experienced by parishioners holding up.Vesa Stopper / Yle

Aikio told that the phone has started ringing and help is needed now a lot. Board seeks to help all as well as it possibly can be.

– the Truth is that we are not able to customers, not cash change, but seeks to help, summed Aikio.

Clear is Aikio involved, that the situation has effects on tax revenue and in particular, wage tax revenue in. On help so needed. He’s thinking about it, how so far so very low unemployment becomes now a quite different readings.

– This began to come to the economic effects in the long run. Should begin now to prepare and think about the time corona after, he said.

Kilpisjärveläinen sellers: “the Worst happens and at the worst possible time”

Kilpisjärvi is located on the arm side, on the Norwegian border. Local merchants Mikko Colar told me, that their customer base consists of the year level up to 90% in Norway, the arrival of customers as Utsjoellakin.

We are starting to lay off of the wheel to the beginning of April. About fifteen employees will be laid off, says Rousu.

Kilpisjärveläinen sellers Mikko Colar is the new front. Corona epidemic closed the state border has reduced trade substantially in the main course.Yle

Colar tell you that he is not a career for his have a similar event happened. The worst threat we have been able to throw just guesses. Now they hit the surprising way to.

– Sometimes we joked that the worst thing would be if the border would go to catch up. It finally happened – and at the worst possible time. April and easter are the biggest sales periods for us, says Rousu.

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