Antwerp, with 9 out of 9 and unbeaten at the other end. Just as it seemed the Club Brugge and the Great difficulty which, by the way), but it was out of Lamkel Zé is included. The darling of the crowd with two hits of a share of the lead. The Association of the position with 3 on a 24-still penibeler.

The home team started with the same eleven names of which will be against Anderlecht in the foundation stage. The club coach of the Mercadal hold it in. Saadi started, for the first time in the bank, so the Fact that the front of exqi league ranking is ours. Further, moved to Florence to go to the bank to Coulibaly.

The men of Bölöni wanted to have their maximum points at the other end, but were terrified out of his wits when the Modern in just 4 minutes, scored. The city of Bruges, the party was short-lived, as Foster touched the ball in the build-up to the edge of the box by hand. Referee, Van Damme, after the intervention of the VAR is none other than the goal, reject it.

but 20 minutes on a boss.

Later, it was 20 minutes long, and is already in Antwerp which was the hot topic. Mbokani, Superior, and especially Refaelov had a unique opportunity to bring the score to open it up. That honor was reserved for the Lamkel Zé. The Kameroener set of two withemden on the wrong foot, and vloerde Badiashile the ball. Lamkel Zé ole ole rolled out of the stands.

funny enough, forgot to Antwerp, following the 1-0 on his momentum to keep going. The club has grown over the party, and came up with a fluke across it. A harmless shot from the Modern, and disappeared over the foot of the Arslanagic across Bolat is in goal. The Association, in response to its second half, on the basis of the opportunities that have followed. Smith curled in the leather with his left hand twice, just next to the post.

Lamkel Zé has of the Club out

The Great difficulty was to a different keg taps in after a rest. A ten-minute drive away, we were the men of the prior of the last-minute transfers are up. Refaelov took the ball from Mbokani, who is six years of age competitiegoal up against the ropes, buffelde.


the Club was able to Bolat and after the pause is no longer an embarrassment. The most notable native of bruges, was not a coincidence Badiashile. The Frenchman had his hands full with the first shooting skill. In the second match of the Lamkel Zé ” it’s not a story. Even Superior was a quarter of an hour for a period of time after a big rush and take his chance, which proves that his form is increasing. It was eventually an easy victory to Antwerp, and that his position in the top ranks in firms. The club will be left with a 3 on the 24th.