Lady Gaga on Tony Bennett and Alzheimer’s: ‘Music Is a Miracle’


Gaga holds back tears and says, “When jazz starts,” “This man lights up in such a way that it is magic.”

Lady Gaga can vouch for Tony Bennett as a friend, a collaborator, and an inspiration. And if Gaga has a say in it, Bennett should also be respected as a “remarkable human being” for his civil rights action and mastery of jazz.

Gaga visited The last Show on Tuesday, 23 November for a conversation with Stephen Colbert.

Gaga changed gears when Bennett switched the conversation.

She recalled, “He was a remarkable human being. He served our country. He also marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. He used to sneak Duke Ellington in the back of hotels to jam jazz music all night.” His commitment to civil rights and humanity is something he taught me at a young age. I will carry his lessons with me in everything that I do. He is a man I deeply love.”

Gaga is a great fan of Bennett. Gaga grew up idolizing the veteran singer and formed a dynamic duo when they released Cheek to Cheek in 2014. It reached No. The album reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts and was nominated for a Grammy Award as best traditional pop vocal album.

It was just an entree. The pair reunited earlier this year for their final collaboration covers album, Love For Sale. This collection features jazz standards by American composer Cole Porter.

Gaga explains that the LP was the fulfillment a promise Bennett made back in the days when Cheek was exploding around the globe.

Love For Sale reached No. Bennett is currently battling Alzheimer’s disease. This recording will be Bennett’s last studio recording.

Gaga tells Gaga that when jazz starts, she holds back tears. “This man lights up in such a way it is magic.”

She explained that music can be used to heal and help in even the most difficult situations.

Gaga says music is magic for anyone whose loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Music is a miracle.