The German state gets from the citizens a lot of money entrusted. More than 674 billion euros, came in second-to-last year at the Federal, the länder and the municipalities in the tax coffers. They could be spent for social services, internal security, research and development, infrastructure. For debt services. Because it runs well, increase the revenue, from year to year. The current Federal budget is about 370 billion euros, or 27 more than in the previous year. Billion! Great! Especially when you consider the damp conditions in some neighbouring countries.

but our roads look worse than it is in France, our airports seem pathetic in comparison to Spanish. Why not be able to compete with our day-care centres and schools on the outside with Sweden or Finland? Why is our Internet only half as fast and good as the one in Latvia or Lithuania? And why is the social housing market to work in Vienna, while rents in Munich or Cologne Madness of the last pay? Something is going wrong.

This impression was confirmed by the German Association of cities and municipalities. The Association has declared the beginning of the week, that about 159 billion are missing, the most urgent repairs, or major new buildings. Germany is rich, but its infrastructure is depleted. That annoys people, it’s some of the drives to despair – or to authoritarian ideas.

Sustainable investments come to short

Because all the money comes together just because millions of hardworking women and men make a large part of their earnings for community tasks. The car mechanic from Amberg can’t build the highway, he drives to work. The parents of Rostock, give of your money, so the city takes care of a proper school. Also, the jewelry manufacturer from Idar-Oberstein are a lot of his income to the state, so that in the case of the Bundeswehr, or the Federal Agency for Technical relief. Or, at least, the fire. Often expectations are disappointed too often. Because the government coalitions have had in the past few years, often short-term considerations in view, and, more rarely, in the medium term. The tendency has always been there, but usually won the reason.

There has shifted somewhat. Therefore, for many years, invested too little in the train, instead, in short-term alimony for individual groups of voters. We are paying the price now. Tracks, bridges, and schools crumble, the Reputation of the parties. The cities and municipalities are justified in asking, such as commuters to work, if your diesel car is under a driving ban and the regional train was abolished? Why need to delete parent class rooms? Why creeps outside the Metropolitan areas of the Internet like a snail?