young people with poor job prospects are Convinced of the educational researcher Klaus Hurrelmann of the Hertie School of Governance is a risk for the whole of society. “This part of the young Generation, unfortunately, is not able to articulate themselves politically. The young men are particularly affected, access to radical parties, including extreme right-wing,“ said Hurrelmann, the news Agency dpa.

The younger Generation overall, is very resistant to extreme right-wing positions. However, the society was divided on the issue at the same time stronger than in the past, about a fifth have the feeling that the majority did not keep up.

“This is said a fifth of a need to Worry about, this is an uprooted group”, Hurrelmann. “And also emits about 20 percent, so that we have a potential for constant dissatisfaction, restlessness, and also a Struggle with the democracy, the politics and the parties.”

Hurrelmann called for better services for young people on vocational choice. Makes sense from his point of view, all school leavers for a year or half-year for careers guidance to offer as a binding Alternative to today’s voluntary Social year. Such offers had to be discussed, said the Professor. “Because it’s so hard to know what you want, at almost 400 training courses we have today, and probably almost 20,000 different courses of study.”

read and Write to keep up with the digital age is important

The soft position after graduation in the training and the professional world by asking the young people a lot. “I would involve the young people in this discussion, and various scenarios for the election,” said Hurrelmann, one of the researchers for about half a century to the education and youth issues, and teaches. “That would also be a Signal of policy on the young Generation: We take you seriously, we see with sorrow that you are the parties and the political System to be so distant.”

to insert A Central point but also, especially in the digital age in school, more value is placed on basic skills such as reading, Writing and Arithmetic. “It is not so that you could skip, but on the contrary, I must have it. Anyone who is not able to understand texts, is completely suspended. And this is true for this one-fifth,“ warned Hurrelmann.

For those that do not create a high-school diploma and those who do not find space, lacked often in such basic skills. “We urgently need to answer, and the schools must change their curriculum so that the device is again in the foreground”, called for the formation of researchers. Just as important, however, is to convey competencies for the orientation in the digital world, ranging from the handling of the Smartphone up to a basic knowledge about the major digital platforms. “Here, we have a huge pent-up demand and need to make sure that this combination of General and digital literacy in the schools plays a much bigger role.”