Roosdaal –

A 77-year-old man from Roosdaal has the Monday before the Brussels court of first instance should be justified, because that he, on two occasions the fire would have to be founded in the vehicles of his next-door neighbors. According to the lawyer, the labor dementerend and incompetent, but that the prosecutor and the public prosecutor’s office and see a clear motive for the events.

The facts were on the chaussée de ninove, in Roosdaal, which of the seventy for the past ten years, in relative silence, lived apart from his neighbours of Turkish origin. In the summer of 2018 was, however, wrong. The cable coming from the antenna is of the Turkish family had been cut, and there was a nail in a tire on one of their trucks in front and there is a product that is in the fuel tank, die-cast, making it a vehicle breakdown, it was made for. On the night of 4 and 5 by July 2018, was one of the cars of the family, was set on fire.

“My clients were showing the greatest fear, and to settle down immediately to security”, said the master, Sevda Karsikaya, the lawyer of the Turkish family. “That’s allowed them to, three days later, on the 7th of July, their neighbours, in the garden, so he, when the last vehicle from them in the fire, wanted to put. The man had a cloth in gasoline, was soaked with a cigarette lighter.”

the Cell that is on fire

in The seventies, it was picked up and flew up into the cell, but it was in fire. He also destroyed the sink in his cell, so that it is placed under water. In addition, he would be at the different examinations is very confused, and have been shown. This led his lawyer to argue that the man was showing signs of dementia, is to be seen.

“I believe that a thorough examination by a board of experts is necessary,” said the master, Jo Advanced to.

No dementia

Both the prosecutor and the public prosecutor indicated, however, in the report of the gerechtspsychiater who have any form of dementia had been ruled out. Also, within the forensic psychiatric center of Zelzate (belgium), where, in the seventies, during his pre-trial detention had been staying, was not a dementia, is determined.

“on the Contrary”, – said deputy Charles Claeys. “That is exactly what the doctors are talking about a manipulative man, who is mental confusion and impairment of memory purports.”

as The prosecutor, sees a clear motive for the events, and it is also in the bijgetreden by the public prosecutor’s office. For example, the labor of a Flemish flag in his garden, were planted, as were the neighbours of foreign origin were involved.

“and He refers to no one else in the district, only those of men, and gives himself to you that he is a problem, because they are of foreign origin, are, according to the public prosecutor’s office, which is a term of imprisonment of 24 months of porbation-delay progression. It is a judgment that falls on the 14th of november.