The postman has not passed, he will never pass… For some inhabitants of the Oise, this children’s nursery rhyme is now a matter of daily annoyance. According to information from Le Parisien, who went to meet residents of Creil and Nogent-sur-Oise, the distribution of mail has experienced many irregularities in recent days.

Since the end of October, if not before, the mailboxes remain empty. According to a resident, the postman only comes once a week. “It’s been a disaster for several weeks (…) There is no regularity, we can spend several days without receiving anything”, comments a neighbor.

In question ? Absences, and recruitment problems at the sorting center of the Creil basin. These are, in any case, the reasons given by the Services-Mail-Parcels department of Hauts-de-France, questioned by the Ile-de-France daily.

“These absences are due in particular to cases of Covid, six during the month of October, as well as several abandonments of temporary staff. With these unusual absences, it has indeed happened that certain tours could not be covered,” the company said.

Before adding: “The postmen are doing everything to provide an optimal quality of service and are currently mobilized to cover the rounds as well as possible and deal with this absenteeism”.

Whether you live in the Oise or elsewhere, you may have already happened to wait for a letter that does not arrive. To file a complaint with postal operators, you have three solutions:

Do not hesitate to approach the nearest post office to find out if problems are encountered by the associated sorting center, or if you are an isolated case.