Flavio Perez, a resident of Montpellier (Hérault), shared on Twitter a scam with a false notice of passage of which he almost fell victim, reports Le Parisien. At the end of August, the man indeed found in his mailbox a notice of passage strongly resembling a real one, with the logo of La Poste and an identical color code. The purpose of this document? Steal bank details.

This fake delivery notice asks the victim to “confirm the re-delivery” of their letter via the Internet. A “new” procedure according to the document, on which are written by hand the date and time of the “first passage” and the reason why the mail could not be delivered. Two solutions are then proposed: a link to a site or a QR Code to scan.

As often in this type of scam, the victim is put under pressure so that he does not have time to think. “Let us know your choice today before midnight”, it is specified. However, although the site to which the delivery notice refers begins with “laposte.fr”, it is indeed a scam. The user is redirected to another site where his bank details are requested.

La Poste reacted quickly to this new technique. “This is the first time that we have faced a phishing attempt that mixes physical and digital media,” acknowledged the company. As a reminder, phishing is a technique that consists of usurping the identity of a company or an institution to extract money or confidential information from victims. Most often, these are fake emails claiming to come from a bank or the CAF.

In response, La Poste first made a “correction” to the flaw that allowed the creation of this address ending with “laposte.fr”. The link in question has also been deactivated. According to La Poste, this scam has so far only been observed in the Montpellier region. The group will take legal action.