Elektronicaketen Krëfel sold in three shops now checks that allow customers to € 40 per hour, with the help of an IT student can rely on. That will be home to a brand new tv set, computer, wi-fi connection or a smart washing machine to connect to a smartphone, says the company.

Krëfel work together with the city’s start-up and BEEGO. For example, from Deliveroo will send that business students have with the bike is on its way to customers, and digital assistance to be delivered. At Krëfel, customers can, for a 40 euro, DigiCheques a buy order for a student to them for an hour, you can get help with a new machine. The student should be about 14.5 billion euros of that amount.

The service is not in place of, the existing installation service, emphasized the Krëfel. It’s going to be a “step ahead”, says, “in Order to ensure that the customers and the capabilities of the equipment that they purchase, is actually achieving. “They ask us regularly how they have their computers, their smartphones, their tvs, and so on, need to install it and use it,” says Jonathan of The former world champion, Commercial Director at Krëfel.

The pilot project will start in three of the shops in the Shot, Wilrijk and Gent (Rooigem). After an evaluation, the following may be other locations as well. The voucher can be used in the regions where IT is students and BEEGO are active. That is, it is centered around Antwerp, but also Ghent, Bruges, and Louvain, are, according to the company, many of the students are available.