the Finnish music industry on Wednesday, a petition (you move to another service) yle and the commercial radio channel that these would stress the domestic music to the presentation so far.

a petition of the factors are the Finnish music authors, the Finnish Composers, Finnish music publishers, Musicians Union, Music Finland and Indieco. They represent performing artists, authors, composers, lyricists, arrangers and music industry companies.

the Petition, according to the kano crisis has taken many in the music industry working in income, for the spring show is canceled. The radio call from the accumulated remains of copyright, but the music industry thinks of radio channels could support right now with the plight of the Finnish music industry.

“in These exceptional circumstances is justified on the head of copyright, as much as possible to the home country. It should be your creditable and understanding of the pointing hand, as well as forward-looking decision.”, the petition says.

Yle supports the Finnish music industry

to Yle radio channels of the Finnish artists made music to be heard more. Yle Radio Finland is already added to the domestic music number, and it is further added so that the transmission power – like music in the program.

– in times of Crisis there is a need to maintain their own culture brought about by the continuity and intimacy of feeling. Domestic music helps this need very well. At the same time we support the Finnish music factors economically, said the publication director of the Ismo Silvo .

Also The response to the state of emergency by raising significantly the domestic music number. Finnish music share of radio playlists in music add 45% to about 60%. Also channels special programs call the more domestic music.

– the Purpose is to emphasize the role of our public and domestic music as combining, say, Creative content director Ville Vilén .

the Radio thrives on the daily eur 3.4 million finns. Listen to the read channel is Yle Radio Suomi.Dani Branthin / YleKaupalliset channel to consider – the corona program already coming

Finland’s biggest commercial radio operators, Nelonen Media and Bauer Media tell you that they want to help the Finnish music industry.

Nelonen media’s radio channels include Radio Suomipop, Radio Rock, Radio, February, radio, Loop, and Authentic pop songs.

Channel Suomipop call his name in accordance with only Finnish music. The genuine popular songs of the playlist consists almost entirely of Finnish songs. On the other channels, the domestic content varies.

Nelonen Media is the music industry’s petition seriously.

– the Situation is all exceptional, and we help the way we see in all parties best, said in a radio of music the master Jussi pine island .

at This stage Nelonen Media is not going to increase Finnish music in all of its channels, but Radio Rock software program is getting your own corona program.

– Radio Rock day calling about one-third is domestic, but we decided to coronal kurjistaman the situation of rehabilitation in order to launch domestic corona program Rock nights and otherwise to observe the local content.

the corona program start date is not yet clear.

pine island, according to their demand in Radio suomipop, the Authentic popular songs and Radio Rock Finnish music share is already strong enough.

– Other channels belong to are not so keen on the domestic music friends, that the increase was justified.

Another big commercial operator is Bauer Media, whose channels are for example Radio Nova, Radio City, pop songs, English rock as well as KISS.

Channel two, i.e. English rock and pop songs will play only domestic music. All channels music the supply of domestic production is approximately 40%.

the Content manager Hermanni Seppälä , according to Bauer Media is intended to consider in detail the domestic music support. In the last days the time has gone still largely a practical organisation, the radio channel continues to operate normally, the government guidelines after.

Yes, this time, the strong support of domestic music. We see the big value of domestic music and music-makers, Seppälä said.

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