They are only six. A few weeks before the final of Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem, to follow like every Tuesday evening on TF1, the adventurers still in the running compete to try to obtain their place for the orienteering race. An opportunity for each and everyone, all determined to climb up to the mythical posts.

Before continuing this long road which will lead two of them to face the final jury, three women and three men are still in the race. On one side, the rider and strategist Ambre, the acrobat Olga and the discreet dean Géraldine. On the other, the formidable Bastien, the sportsman François and finally the outsider Jean-Charles. Six adventurers who have been able to pull out of the game at each stage since reunification and will have to redouble their efforts to win their qualification.

Before competing in the last comfort and immunity tests led by Denis Brogniart, the six candidates will be surprised to discover their physical transformation. As evidenced by the first images unveiled in the trailer for the next episode, to be discovered this Tuesday, June 7, they will realize in front of a mirror (and on the scales) that the Koh-Lanta adventure has left them many marks. physical.

Between the lack of food, physical effort and survival, the physical condition of the candidates was put to the test during the adventure in the Philippines. It is not the adventurers eliminated from the game who will say the opposite. “I lost 6 kilos. I’m not very tall, so even if it doesn’t seem huge, proportionally it’s still a lot. I’m 1.65m tall and I wasn’t very thick when I arrived too”, confessed Louana with Gala. Same observation for his ally Nicolas. “I lost 12 kilos! It’s huge”, he was surprised in front of our colleagues.

Other candidates were victims of discomfort, such as the Héraultais François. Despite the build of an athlete, the firefighter did not spare his efforts on the camp, even if it meant scaring the candidates and the viewers. “I got up suddenly and found myself on the ground. I didn’t understand what was happening,” he explained to the camera on the show. “As soon as you get up quickly, your head is spinning and you have a little veil that gets in front of your eyes. The body reaches its physical limits. Koh Lanta is a marathon, you have to save yourself and hold on to get to the end”.

Before crossing the finish line of this incredible survival marathon, a look back in pictures at the physical transformation of six adventurers from Koh-Lanta. What did they look like at the start of the game? Here are some answers in our slideshow.