The “track delay shawl” by Claudia Weber from Moosburg international has gained fame – and now he was auctioned off for of 7,550 euros for the Munich-based station mission. The 55-year-old rail commuter had used last year, for any delay to the knitting needle, and two rows knitted: Grey wool for under five minutes late, pink for five to 30 minutes, and red for about 30 minutes, or delays on the return journey. And in the evening after you came home from work. Out a good one and a half meters long scarf, that visually resembles a bar code, the the daughter to be photographed and thus in the Social media a Hit landed came.

Now, The German train-delay scarf” (“The Guardian,””) in the network auction, such as the Inner Mission of Munich, told as a carrier of the local station mission. Weber’s daughter brought the scarf for a photo at the donation ceremony for the railway mission. With the donation, the institution wants to brush up on their slow Internet connection – to be able to your clients in the future free Wi-Fi. The well-known Delay-Symbol was bought by the Manager of a DB subsidiary, which are supported with venture capital among Start-up companies.