finally, The Dutch airline, KLM, was forced to lay off Wednesday as a precaution, the twelve European return flights due to work stoppages by ground staff of the airline. It lay between 13: 00 and 17: 00 hours on the job down in a collective labour dispute with the US. The passengers concerned will be contacted directly and it is possible. It would, KLM is that delays are likely to occur.

According to the KLM is the check in baggage is not on the European flights are arriving and departing from Schiphol airport, between 12.45 and 17.00 hrs. It also calls on KLM royal Dutch airlines passengers for carry-on luggage to a minimum in order to avoid this, due to the lack of space is not to be taken into account.

There is a free rebook policy set up for passengers that do not check-in baggage, want to travel. The company advises travelers to be well as the information on the website and in the app. What flights are just cancelled, it is not clear.

as a Result of the actions that have been stalled collective bargaining agreement negotiations. The board of directors of the airline, introduced last week, according to the trade union, FNV, as a raise of an average of eur 2.54 per cent per year, while the trade unions, only about 4 percent want.

The crew puts on Wednesday for the third time in two weeks, the job boils down to. The last two actions, which lasted for two hours, but it worked for the whole day due to the flight schedule. This is the job for four hours to put down.

More over its Wednesday, the new strike at KLM: “The people are not KLM, was forced to lay off one of its daily flights to and from Brussels and Amsterdam: “the Passengers on Thalys, take Dozens of KLM flights affected by the strike at the amsterdam Schiphol airport is 62 KLM royal Dutch airlines flights cancelled due to strike action, and Wednesday morning explains to the staff to re-work it down