On September 10, 2022, Prince Charles, who became Charles III, was proclaimed king following the disappearance of his mother Elizabeth II. The day before, the heir to the throne had met Prime Minister Liz Truss for the first time in her reign at Buckingham Palace. A historic event that took place under the eye of the objectives.

Dressed in a midnight blue suit, the husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles had created a surprise and for good reason, his very swollen hands fueled a good number of rumors about his state of health. “Rumors indicate that the new king would have heart problems which explain his swollen hands,” historian Kévin Guillot told us. So what would be the consequences for the British monarchy if the fragile health of the 73-year-old monarch prevented him from reigning?

“Whether or not the King is ill, his heir remains Prince William. Ill health of the monarch, if it prevents him from performing his duties, could lead to a regency by the new Prince of Wales, as has could have happened for the last ten years of the reign of George III. But since abdication is banned among the Windsors, “said the historian, author of the Monarchiebritannique.com site.

The one who was nicknamed “the trainee”, of the advanced fact without having been crowned, could therefore well reign until the end of his life. “Unlike other European monarchies, abdication is not in the DNA of the Windsors,” he reminded us and added: “On top of that, Charles waited 70 years to reign, he will therefore reign until the end whatever happens”.

If King Charles III has indeed been proclaimed king by the Council of Succession, no one knows when he will be crowned. As a reminder, his mother Elizabeth II had waited a year before his sacred, February 6, 1952.